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Organic Tocobiol® c is an excellent antioxidant. It is made from the distillation of a single raw ingredient: whole, organic soy oil distillate. It naturally contains mixed tocopherols, plant sterols, squalene and monoglycerides. Tocobiol® c is oil soluble and a viscous, oily liquid. Tocobiol® c is just one product in a range of natural, non-GMO antioxidants produced by BTSA. (See Tocobiol, Bioxan T90 and Bioxan SF T50).


This is an excellent product to protect cosmetic formulation against oxidation, to preserve their active ingredients and to ensure increased product shelf-life. The Tocobiol® range protects fats and oils against oxidative rancidity by blocking free radicals. This 100% natural product has been approved by COSMOS to use in organic and natural products. It is also listed on the USDA-NOP list of allowed non-organic ingredients. Use at .5% to 1.5% to extend the shelf life of oils and butters.

Best For

100% Natural


Increases Shelf Life

Blocks Free Radicals

Natural Antioxidant

Reduce Scarring


Gluten Free

COSMOS Approved

ECOCERT Approved

Non-GMO Project Verified

No Animal Cruelty/Vegan

Kosher Certificate

Halal Certificate




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Face Masks

Spa Products

Lip Balms/Lipsticks

Face and Body Oil

Massage Oil

Hair Care

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