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How Oh, Oh Does Business


Outward Facing

Our business succeeds only if you are successful. Because of this reality, we designed our business to support our customers first and foremost. You can order small volumes through this site or call to discuss drums, totes and volume orders. Call, write, and even come by and we’ll offer whatever we’ve learned over 30 plus years of business to help solve your problem. Our ingredients are custom poured for each order to ensure freshness and quality. Please give us a couple days lead time to fulfill orders. Our standard lead time is one week.

Inward Facing

We also only succeed if we have a solid, happy, informed team that is paid well and valued so they can provide that support. We have a sales team that is trained in the cosmetic industry, a regulatory specialist for all documentation and a warehouse that stores as much product as possible on hand (packed to the brim some weeks).

It is hard to grow a company. At the beginning you have to do everything yourself for some period of time so that you fully understand all the jobs. This helps us know how to hire the best people who can really help you. We love our team and are always open to hearing how you think we can better support them. You know where to find us!


- Gay Timmons, Founder of Oh, Oh Organic


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