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Sample Policy

For 24 years we have been dedicated to providing organic and sustainable ingredients. 

In addition to the ingredients, we try our best to support developing brands with

sample bottle with drip

regulatory and technical information as well as the origin story of the ingredients. We want you to feel inspired with these ingredients while also ensuring what we carry meets your specification.

We are happy to provide samples at no cost, but as a boutique distributor, we do ask that you pay for shipping costs. We have standard sample sizes for each ingredient and may need to get approval for larger quantities requested. 

You can use any of the methods below to cover the cost of shipment:

  • Flat payment of $10 sent via Zelle (contact us for the account information)
  • Pre-printed USPS shipping tag
  • UPS or FedEx account number

Thank you for understanding and feel free to reach out with any questions to sales@ohohorganic.com. You can fill out your sample request here.


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