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Oh, Oh Organic, Inc.

Sustainable Wholesale Ingredients

We source the highest quality and ethically sourced ingredients from family farms all over the world. We also supply finished goods to online retailers that desire boutique cosmetic products.

Our Mission

The word “sustainable” is getting more complicated every day. The UN created a goal for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which is devoted to “protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss”. In other words, we need to repair the damage we have done.


At Oh, Oh Organic we think the U.N. is smarter than we are so we’ve looked at their long-term environmental guidelines to establish our goals. Additionally, we look to the laws, like the National Organic Program (NOP) Regulation and the European Private Standards like COSMOS and
UEBT (Union for Ethical Bio-Diverse Trade). If we can meet these laws and standards, we can usually meet anyone’s hopes for sustainable production and any retailers "clean" program. We are always open for a conversation.


We know our suppliers, we know a good deal about the crops they produce, and we know it is our responsibility to provide consistent, dependable ingredients for the brands and manufacturers we support. Often we’ve been to the farms and processing facilities. Many of the photos on this site are from those farms and facilities. We talk with our producers often and try to keep you informed about factors that impact yield and crop availabilit

How can you help?

You have more power than you think! We know that converting even ONE ingredient to a certified sustainable version can make an impact by reducing pollution (ask us for studies!). We are here to remind you that your choices can create big changes. Please join us in this effort.

Why Organic Ingredients?

Climate change has made it clear that “sustainable” ingredients need to replace petroleum derived ingredients. At Oh, Oh, we start with certified organic whenever possible. First, because we know they come from farms and secondly, because we know that organic farming methods sequester 12.6% CO2, clean the soil and water and support a safer environment as a whole. This provides formulators with a verifiable sustainability claim for anything that is certified. We work with other types of certifications as well but organic was the first to be expressed in a law and is always the best place to start. The chemical world is evolving and we want to see organic as the foundation of that evolution.

Why Oh, Oh Organic, Inc.?

We’ve realized along the way that to build a company built to last, relationships are a must. Not only to our suppliers but with our clients. We want to understand who you are and what your goals are. Whether it be technical questions, formula questions, FDA questions, how to get certain certification questions, we are just one phone call away! Our founder, Gay Timmons, has been in the agricultural business for over 40 years and started Oh, Oh Organic 20 years ago, so you can say she has learned a few things along the way. She wants people to succeed, she is willing to give advice, feedback and if she can’t answer something, she has connections!