Save The Planet. Look Good Doing It.

At Oh, Oh Organic Inc. we are committed to only sourcing sustainable ingredients.

What is sustainable for us? Sustainability means not destroying a village, your body, the planet in the course of making an ingredient. We believe in knowing the entire process of the production of our ingredients from early stage until we deliver it to you!

Our Mission:

Be a part of the solution.


Fewer bad things going down the drain to keep the planet healthy!


We are committed to supplying certified organic, sustainable, and Non-GMO ingredients to the cosmetic industry.

How can you help?

You have more power than you think! We know that converting even ONE ingredient to an organic  version can make an impactful effort in reducing pollution (ask us for studies!). We are here to remind you that little impacts create change (#LICC) You’ve already read this far so… you must be willing to make the change and hopefully join us on this sustainability journey into the cosmetic world. We are determined to help our planet and our bodies, ARE YOU?