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Live Long and Prosper (At least your oil can have a longer life!)

Live Long and Prosper (At least your oil can have a longer life!)

Since 2004 Oh, Oh Organic has represented BTSA, a company that produces Tocobiol c and Tocobiol SF c plus the Bioxan range of concentrated “E” at 50%, 70% and 90%. These antioxidants are from certified and tested non-GMO seeds.  When listing this on your ingredient deck you can denote the antioxidant as non-GMO with an asterisk. 

INCI: Tocopherol

The Story – Synergy:

In natural products synergy is the name of the game: multiple naturally occurring substances in a plant work together to accomplish their goal. When it comes to Vitamin E (Tocopherols), mixed tocopherols and the other constituents in the plant; they work together more effectively than just a concentrated form of a single tocopherol.                                                                                               

The Quality:

This natural, non-GMO mixed tocopherol from sunflower oil or soy oil is certified back to the seed source, tested for pesticides and packed to order. We import it every few months so you always have fresh product with a 2 year shelf life to use in your formulas.

BTSA is a highly supportive ingredient partner with some wonderful resources. Their regulatory department is completely responsive and, of course, they completely comply with the EU Cosmetic Safety Standards and with REACH.

Tocobiol c or Tocobiol SF c can extend natural lipid/oil shelf life up to 2 years.

Please let us know if you are interested in a sample.


You don't want your final product to end up changing aroma and color. Tocopherols are used to increase lipid shelf life, slow down oxidation and give our customers the pleasure of products with oils that smell good for up to 24 months. Plus - there is a bit of bio-availability for skin benefits.


  • Approved for use in Organic: USDA-NOP / COSMOS / Non-GMO Project
  • Full HACCP, Food Safety and ISO 2000


  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • No Animal Cruelty/Vegan
  • Sunflower derived version supports “no soy” claims
  • Olé…🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

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