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How does this whole non-GMO thing work?

How does this whole non-GMO thing work?

Let’s define some terms:

GMO = Genetically Modified Organism (like a whole plant)
GMM = Genetically Modified MICRO Organism (like a yeast or bacteria)
GMOs were largely developed to use in association with chemical sprays that kill weeds (and the microbiome of soil). You may have heard the term “Round-Up Ready” Soy for example.
Don't confuse hybridization with genetic modification. Hybridization is selective breeding. Seedless watermelons are a great example. An example of genetic modification is the petunia gene inserted in soy to make it resistance to Round-Up, a weed killer.
The reality is that there are very few commercial GMO crops. These are the only GMO crops available: soy, corn, canola, cotton, potato, papaya, alfalfa, summer squash, pink pineapples, sugar beets and some apples. Most everything else you buy at a store NOT from GM crops. Anything “organic” is automatically non-GMO under the organic regulations.
So there are times I find the whole Non-GMO Project thing annoying because there is no such thing as genetically modified turmeric or meat or tea tree oil or so many other things. 
If it is organic, you are good to go and if it is not on the list above, you are also good. Periodically check the internet for “commercially available GMO Crops”. It is easier to know what is available than to look up the millions of products that are not.
So we always say... go organic!

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