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What if Prop 37 Passes?

Will you need or want to
re-formulate your products to meet either the new law or newly inspired
consumer demand? Here’s the screen to use:
1 – Q: Are your products
certified organic?
A: No worries.
2 – Q: Not organic? Call your products “natural”?
A: You need to verify that none of your
ingredients are from GM raw materials.
do you know what ingredients are at high risk of being made from genetically
modified derived raw materials?
– you really need to know how the ingredient was made. If it is something
simple like flour or oil – then all you need is a signed affidavit from the
manufacturer (not the distributor) of the ingredient that the source of the
grain or seeds used were not genetically modified. The plant origins of concern
are corn, soy, canola, and sugar beets.
it is a more complex ingredient, like a vitamin or some sort of processing aid
(citric acid) or something else like that, then you need to know exactly what
the source raw material was and whether or not it was GM. Who made it? How was
it made?
not, unless you are buying grain or flour (only those 2 ingredients), accept a
“PCR” test or a statement that a test shows that the product “negative”. You
need to know the source of the raw materials used to make the product if it is
a processed. Tests don’t count if the product is heavily processed.
all else fails, you can hire us.
YES ON PROP 37! (Not because we need more work but because no one can make an
informed decision if they don’t have the information!)

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