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Tilth – CCOF Merger Voted Down

Yesterday, by an undisclosed number of votes, the merger of
Oregon Tilth and CCOF was voted down by the Tilth membership. No idea what will
happen on the CCOF side – they count their votes Oct. 15th … but it
doesn’t really matter now.
Based on what went on at the Tilth membership meeting, lots
of changes coming. I believe they need new leadership on the Board and they
need solid advice on how to balance the financial pressures of certification
versus the services people want. You think it is a pain to get certified? Try
being an accredited certifier answering to the USDA-NOP. Accreditation is lots
of work, lots of paper, and cost lots of money.
I have been certified by Tilth for 2 years and in that time
have come to profoundly appreciate the good service and fair prices they offer.
They are responsive, fast and nice.
I was a founding member of the CCOF Processor Chapter back
in 1993. I went on to serve as the President of the Chapter for something like
12 years and was Secretary of the CCOF Board for 11 years. I know them fairly
well. They do an okay job, but I don’t think their service is as good as
Tilth’s and I don’t think they have the same general attitude about serving
their members that Tilth does.
I was happy to hear that, for now, things will stay the way
they are for Oregon Tilth and their members and fans!

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