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Why Mono-cropped GM Food Crops are Really Bad (and Dumb)

I have really been hit or miss with this blog –
apologies. Hoping to get more regular about this.
This is a quickie blog to explain my position on
GMOs. I believe it is an issue of food security.
I guess seeing Interstellar really frightened me –
I think the possibility of our food system degrading into complete failure is
very real. Here is why:
GM crop companies have narrowed the gene pool of our food crops down to one or two varieties of seed. This is neither healthy nor smart.
Historically, farmers saved the seeds that were
most adapted, most robust and that seemed to respond best to the microclimate
in the area in which they were grown. This allowed farmers over 1000s of years to
regionally develop different survival and yield rates for different varieties
within a crop species.
The use of GMO crops has stopped farmers from saving and re-planting adapted and adaptable seeds. GMO seeds are mules – they cannot reproduce nor can they adapt to things like climate change. They are “engineered” that
Want a scary and real example?
From 1845 to 1852 the Irish Potato Famine caused
the deaths of over 1 million people and caused another million or more people to leave Ireland. Why
did this famine happen? Because there was only one variety of potato in Ireland
and every one depended on it. Sort of like the GM soy and corn that forms the
foundation of the US diet (and a fuel source and cosmetic ingredients and vitamins
and etc.…). Potatoes are not planted from seeds, they are, essentially, cloned. So – they had the same situation, one set of genes that was not adaptable or adapted.

We’ve actually allowed a couple of corporations to make the
gene pool so damn shallow that all it would take is one bad virus and the
American soy crop would be wiped out. Same for corn or sugar beets.

To me this is an astonishing threat to food
The whole scenario just is short-sighted. How can
scientists allow everything we know about evolution to be swept aside? Shame on
them. Remember that phrase – survival of the fittest? You need a healthy, fit gene pool for productive plants to survive.

So – next time some one starts ranting about GMOs, on either side of the
argument, ask them, how do GM crops affect food security? And then explain the
above. It should scare some sense into a few people.

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