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The CIA, You & Organic - Back to Work!

Okay – so this is not overtly about organic but…the more I read the news the more I believe that extramarital affairs are as old as human kind and what has really changed here is communication.

We are so very attached to “devices”. Computers, cell phones, iPads, and the “Cloud” have clouded our minds. If you write things down in an open forum, they are out there for all to see.

I never write anything without a thinking to myself: do I care if anyone else sees this? And basically, I don’t care. I talk in person or on a good old land line to the people I love. Everything else is connected to my passion for increasing sustainable production or my business (or my kids’ activities) and all of those things are transparent.

People will always do stupid things driven by their (as my mom used to say) gonads or pure stupidity. Let’s hope they keep it private. I really don’t want to know about other people’s sex lives or about their betrayals or even about their religion or politics.

Life is short and precious and I want a healthy nation, a planet that is solving the problems we humans have created and a loving community.

Let’s pay attention to solving shared problems and let individuals solve their own, personal problems.

We need to get back to work on demanding labeling on GMO products and (newish one) demanding labeling on household cleaners. Lots to do.

I am thankful for people who are discrete. Happy Holidays – coming at ya’!

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