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Sin of Omission

Sin of Omission

I met with a longtime colleague last week. She is someone who is very careful about the ingredients she allows in her products. We had not seen each other in a long time and had not had a lengthy discussion on how chemicals (vegetable & essential oils are chemicals!) are produced. As we talked, I realized how effectively the chemical industry hides the (often) complex facts behind the ingredients used in naturals and organics today. What I consider, a sin of omission.

Did you know:

  • Glycerin can be made from petroleum or from any sort of fat, including tallow. Or it can be a combination of petroleum derived and naturally derived glycerin molecules.
  • Squalane “from sugar” is, indeed from sugar but it is produced as the result of genetically modified microorganisms (GMMs), a yeast that has been modified to produce squalane. Not to mention that sugar is one of the more polluting crops grown if it is not grown organically. I have written previous posts about this if you want to dive in deeper.
  • The frequently used Propandiol is made from GM corn byproducts. My objection to GMOs is the amount of glyphosate (Round-up) used on crops. It appears to be a carcinogen and destroys the mycelium fabric of soil. Studies show, it takes about 3 years to repair the health of soil treated this way.

Now – I am not judging GMMs or GMOs or even petroleum products (well, I guess I sort of am). I am judging that the industry commits the sin of omission by not disclosing some of the facts above.

So – short and sweet:

Know your chemicals/ingredients. Ask your suppliers how they are made. Ask if any of the molecules in a necessary synthetic are from petrochemicals. Ask if any of the feed stock used in your “naturals” are from GMOs or GMMs. You don’t have to exclude the ingredients, but you should understand how your products are made and what you are paying for. Ask questions so you are prepared to answer when customers ask.

Until we all put more pressure on the chemical industry, they will continue to commit the “sin of omission”.

Hugs – Gay Timmons

Copyright 12/7/23

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