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Our Liquid Gold

Organic Argan Oil

INCI: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

Origin : Moroccoo

The Story:

Our “liquid gold” is sourced from the ancient forests of South West Morocco from the “Trees of Life” , Argania Spinosa. Traditionally, Berber women would gather the fruit and men sell it. Today, we work with over 40 co-ops that sustain local women.



The Process:


The trees bloom in April and by July/August have set fruit. The fruit is gathered by hand. It is vital that our ladies only collect the fruit that has not been digested by an animal. This ensures no bacteria that might alter the texture, longevity or odor of the oil. After the fruit is gathered it is taken back to the facility where it is dried out for several weeks. When the fruit is ready, our ladies crack the pits with 2 stones. The natural, kernels are mechanically pressed and filtered.

Why We Believe In Our Oil:

Our organic argan oil is made from raw unroasted pits and has all the beneficial active components: fatty acids, tocopherols, phenolic acid, and squalene, making this oil indispensable to the cosmetic world!


Moisturizes and rejuvenates skin.

Restores damaged hair back to life.

Improves fine lines and skin elasticity on the face (wrinkles) and body (Stretch Marks)

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