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How To Learn To Use Chopsticks

Can’t talk about organic all the time! So the other evening my daughters and I were smiling while watching someone in a restaurant struggle with chop sticks. My youngest (13 yrs.) was rather smug about her skill with said sticks. Then we remembered how they learned to use them. It was not from growing up in a family that used them nightly.

When it came to teaching my kids here is what I did:
– Gave them a big bowl of popcorn and each a set of chop sticks,
– Told them they could only eat what they got in their mouths with the chop sticks.
– Then they graduated down to some sort of cereal that was roughly the size and shape of Trix.

They were around 6 and 8 at the time and they really did master the skill.

That is one way to learn how to use chop sticks.

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