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Earth Day: Seed and Soil

Earth Day: Seed and Soil

I recently read a “transparency plan” that caused me to stop and reflect. While the brand was able to call out the location from which each ingredient came, I’m not so sure that they understood how the ingredients were made. Or, exactly what the inputs were in each ingredient. For this Earth Day we are so grateful that our transparency is beyond certificates. It comes down to seed and soil.

For 23 years Oh, Oh has required that we know exactly how ingredients are made. We visit the farms, we meet the people, we tour the production facilities. We ask where the seeds come from and we even discuss soil fertility practices.

I recently returned from Morocco where I witnessed the harvest of the roses used to make our Organic Rose Damask and Rose of May Hydrosols and Absolutes. During that time, I also had the pleasure of watching the harvest of the orange blossoms used to make our amazing Organic Neroli Essential Oil and Bitter Orange Blossom Hydrosol. I spent two days walking around the farm and visiting the production rooms were the distillation happens that produces the oils and hydrosols. All I can say is these are lovely, capable, caring people. Not only are they hand harvesting these blossoms, they are also working to restore the farm land that had been abandoned for 50 plus years. Building the soil, carefully watching the plants, creating amazing certified organic products.

Earth Day is about climate change and saving the planet. Add a couple organic ingredients to your list. Sequester some CO2, build some soil, support some communities. Happy Earth Day – give some love to the seed and soil today.

Meet the ladies who hand-harvest the blossoms used to make your product. 💚 💚 💚

Meet the machine that separates the oil from the hydrosol. 🌹🌹🌹

Hugs – Gay Timmons

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