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Certified Organic Is Non-GMO . . . by Law. Wow!

I’ve had
enough. Organic Certified Products are so
much better in so many ways
than Non-GMO. I am appalled and saddened at the
confusion I read on the Internet and hear from consumers. Disclaimer: I absolutely believe that anything that contains GM ingredients should be labeled. Go labeling laws! Informed consent!
Confusion # 1 – if it says organic, ALL of the ingredients for a finished product and all of the farm inputs (that means fertilizer and pest management tools) are reviewed because GMO sourced ingredients are prohibited under law.
All Organic producers are inspected
annually. I did an inspection in which the applicant had an affidavit that the
Vit. E they were adding to their product was “non-GMO” (this is what the
Non-GMO Project accepts – an affidavit signed by God knows who). When I looked at the box on the shelf of the
factory, it said “Vitamin E in Soy Oil, product of USA”. Over 90% of the soy
produced in the US is GM – so….no, it was not non-GMO. They had to find a
compliant source of Vitamin E because I saw what they were doing.
Organic certifiers are required by
the National Organic Standard (7 CFR Part 205.105 (e)) to screen ALL inputs for
farming and organic production for “Excluded Methods” which are defined in the
Definitions Section of the organic regulations as “genetically modified”. This
means a document signed by the manufacturer of the ingredient that is was not
made from a GM source – and in the case of farms, where seeds are being
planted, there is random testing required by the National Organic Program. If these
affidavits are signed fraudulently or intended to deceive, it is punishable by
The bottom line here is that
anything agricultural making an “Organic” claim is required by Federal law to be
non-GMO. It has the added benefit of being produced using environmentally
sustainable practices (no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers poisoning our
water, soil and air). Plus – it has the force of law…if someone lies, they
can be fined and even go to jail.
Non-GMO Label ≠ Organic
Non-GMO products may be tested for
GM ingredients, but they are also often produced using pesticides,
petro-chemically based fertilizers, all sorts of food additives, colors, fragrances,
flavors, etc. Their Standard is about GMs, not about organic production. Don’t be fooled. Plus – the Non-GMO Project is a private standard. If someone cheats…who’s
going to do anything?
Ask yourself: why is this product NOT labeled as organic? Because it isn’t organic. Duh.

If you are going to trust something,
trust a regulations that gets “boots on the ground” every year to inspect how your
food and other organic products are made
. Trust “USDA – Organic”, not some private, non-profit that is
accountable to no one. Organic food has 40 years of rule making behind – it started in Calif. in 1976 with the first regulation and we are still working on law today at the Federal level as we improve the organic regulation. Support Organic. Support your own health. Support the planet.
And write your Congressman and demand that all GM containing products be labeled, not the other way around.

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