Toxic Chemicals: Why Do Moms Always Have To Clean Up?

This past week I attended a conference that talked about the toxic chemicals
allowed for use in the U.S. They effect all of us, especially our children. 

The conversation went like this:

      Chemical manufacturers: “We are not doing anything illegal. 
                                                We are
giving consumers what they
 ask for.”

      Toxicologists:                  “Consumers do
not know how toxic this stuff is 

                                                and we need green chemistry alternatives”. 

These are all technically accurate statements, but there are no real solutions offered by either side.

Take away – if we want a healthier planet, we seriously need to push regulators for
safer chemical solutions. Check out
Watch the 15 minute modules on the families of chemicals that we need to get
out of our homes and off the planet. Get informed and get busy. 

Email your representatives. 

Make a phone call. 

Get mad.

I am. 

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