What we do:

We source the highest quality and ethically sourced ingredients from family farms all over the world.

Why Organic Ingredients:

You wouldn’t put petrochemicals on your food, why would you put them on your body? Did you know petrochemicals are the frequent base of chemicals? Here at Oh, Oh Organic all of our ingredients start from Organic Farms,  even if they are then synthesized into useful, safe chemicals from plants. We can assure you our ingredients are safe to put on your body, often your food! Trust but verify, People!

Why Oh, Oh Organic?

We’ve realized along the way that to build a company built to last, relationships are a must. Not only to our suppliers but with our clients. We want to understand who you are and what your goals are. Whether it be technical questions, formula questions, FDA questions, how to get certain certification questions, we are just one phone call away! Our founder, Gay Timmons, has been in the agricultural business for over 40 years and started Oh, Oh Organic 20 years ago, so you can say she has learned a few things along the way. She wants people to succeed, she is willing to give advice, feedback and if she can’t answer something, she has connections!