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“…how did I get here?” David Byrne

My name is Gay Timmons and I started Oh, Oh Organic, Inc. in 2000.

For close to 40 years my career has revolved around agricultural products.

In 1991 I started working exclusively with organic ingredients. The first 10 years I sold ingredients and arranged private label processing for food items. In 1998 I increasingly worked with cosmetic ingredients.

Why move to cosmetics? Well, it is more creative and fun but mainly because it all goes down the drain: shampoo, make-up, lotion, toothpaste, conditioner, deodorant, etc. – oh, except for the stuff that we eat – like lipstick and lip balm.

I have a simple picture in my head:

  • Half of all pollution comes from conventional farming. Soil, water & air are all affected.
  • Using organic production methods reduces and repairs the effects of pollution.
  • Using more renewable and (technically) “clean” ingredients will make cleaner cosmetics.
  • Cleaner cosmetics = cleaner drain effluent = healthier planet.
  • A healthier planet = healthier people. We all need to be healthier. Our children need it even more.

Even just adding some percentage of organic ingredients to your products – replace your oils, your sugars, you fragrances with renewable, organic components and help support farmers who are cleaning up your planet.

Humans have decorated their bodies for hundreds of thousands of years. Let’s dedicate the next 100 years to converting personal care products to renewable ingredients made using non-polluting chemistry.

Save the planet. Look good doing it.

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