About Oh, Oh Organic

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Oh, Oh Organic, Inc. is the only

organic ingredients distributor in North America

solely dedicated to the sale of

measurably sustainable & organic ingredients for cosmetic producers.

“Sustainability” is not about changing light bulbs. It means that you do not destroy the ability to produce anything in the course of making it and that you know where your ingredients come from.

Call us, we talk with you and provide resources whenever possible.

Oh, Oh Organic believes in: quality, transparency, and support.


Less bad stuff going down the drain.


We supply certified organic and non-GMO ingredients + we provide consulting that will allow people to get certified (or not), make necessary quality documents and solve problems. Oh, Oh Organic wants you to be successful & informed.

We sell organic ingredients to cosmetic manufacturers and artisans. Our ingredients come from family farms all over the world: Camellia Oil from the mountains of China,  Palm products from organic family farms in Ecuador, Coconut from co-ops in the Philippines, and essential oils wild crafted in the rain forests of Madagascar. Explore our ingredients.


Oh, Oh Organic, Inc. supplies organic ingredients for cosmetics that are:Oh, Oh Organic logo organic ingredients

  • Organic and non-GMO ingredients from 1 gallon to 250 gallon sizes.
  • Supported by complete documentation for quality compliance.
  • Certified to organic and natural standards.
  • Approved for GMPs, EU Safety Assessment, and documentation.
  • Dedicated and VERIFIED with records of sustainable production.

Our ingredients are:

  • From renewable resources (plants, mostly farms).
  • Processed using environmentally responsible methods (mechanical methods or Green Chemistry methods).
  • Non-GMO, non-solvent extracted, not irradiated.
  • Mostly certified organic and all non-GMO.
  • Traceable back to the manufacturer and often the grower.*

* In the interest of complete disclosure – when processors buy from pools of farmers – as with the making of many of the oils, the pool is large and there may be hundreds of farmers involved. We cannot provide this grower information but it is verified by a third party certifier.


We consult on:

  • How to get certified organic to any number of organic standards,
  • Preparation of various documents: Safety Data Sheets, Specifications, Technical Data Sheets, etc.,
  • Product development for organic products, and
  • PIF & EU Safety Assessment preparation and delivery.

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