How Oh, Oh Runs Business

I’m lucky – I’m older than most of my clients and I’ve made (a lot of) mistakes that allowed me to learn. One of the main things I’ve learned  is that I need to clearly state my values.

Here it goes:

Outward Facing – Our business succeeds only if you are successful. Because of this reality, we designed our business to support our customers first and foremost. We are not a web site. You can call us, write us, and even come by and we’ll offer whatever we’ve learned over 30 years of business to help solve your problem.

1 Gallon jugs of oil

Inward Facing – We also only succeed if we have a solid, happy, informed team that is paid well and valued so they can provide that support.

It is hard to grow a company and afford to support wonderful people. It means you have to do everything yourself for some period of time so that you fully understand all the jobs. It means that you have to know what it costs to live in the world and to make sure that your team can also afford to live in that world. It means that we charge what we charge so you get a great product and continued to support.

As I’ve heard all my life: you get what you pay for. #hugs

-Gay Timmons, Founder of Oh, Oh Organic