Valentine’s Mini Blog “Eating Lipstick”

So – I’m listening to someone cite that old myth about women eating seven (7) pounds of lipstick a year and I decided to the math.

Lipsticks seem to range from .10 to .15 ounces each.  So we’ll call it .125 ounces in an average lipstick tube.


7 lb. x 16 ounces = 112 ounces

112 ounces / .125 oz per lipstick = 896 lipsticks

Really? You’d have to buy and eat 896 lipsticks per year? Again – really?

I do not think we are eating 7 lbs. of lipstick a year and whoever came up with that needs to take a remedial math class.

We love you and Happy Valentine’s Day. Wear your lipstick proudly!