There is a big difference between “organic” and great cooks. It would be amazing if I could get the great cooks I know to use organic ingredients; I’ll keep working on it. That is just my disclaimer – now I’m going to tell you about some wonderful products I’ve found lately. Not cosmetics.

As some of you know, my brother had a stroke. Lately he has had some other issues. As children of Southern parents (Georgia and Tennessee), there are certain foods we just love. Biscuits are a form of high art in Southern Cuisine. So when I was looking for something to cheer my brother, it was natural for my eyes to fall on scones, a special biscuit with “stuff” added.

So here is the best scone I have ever eaten in my whole life: “Charmed Scones”. I found them at the Los Feliz Farmer’s market on Vermont on Sunday mornings. Or you can buy them at: Click here

I never push products but these were so good that she deserves loud and abundant praise. Scones are hard to make well. They are usually heavy and crumby an not awe inspiring. These Charmed Scones are awe inspiring.

Then go over to the Hollywood and Vine (really Hollywood and Ivar Street) Farmer’s Market on Sunday morning and try the organic coffee in the food aisle. Amazing – especially the latte. Again, awe inspiring if you are a person who loves the taste of coffee (not just the effects).

I love Farmer’s Markets and I’ve been in LA a lot lately. If you are ever there on a weekend, check these out. Support organic farmers and these markets. Experience artisanal, lovingly grown and made food. At home it is the Campbell Market for me, but there are many good markets. Buy produce from producers! Not grocery men. They can have all the other money.

Here’s to scones and coffee!

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