Alcohol and the American Home – Real Work
When I first started to sell organic ingredients into the cosmetic world, I received a pint of certified organic alcohol as a sample – I think of it as my own personal white lightening stash. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t drink this stuff. Here is what you can do:

  • Sterilize cuts (yes, it stings)
  • Get sticke goo of glasses and plates
  • Get Sharpie marks off clothing (they need to be fairly fresh)
  • Get leaky fountain pen ink off your hands
  • Remove ink pen off clothing (or your daughter’s arm!)
  • Get gum out of the rug (some gums, not all.)
  • Sterilize anything that needs to be sterilized.
  • Removes pine tar droppings from car windows and surface.

You don’t need special, pure alcohol, plain vodka will work as well as anything.
Two other points about alcohol: I have beautiful hard wood floors and when I moved in there was this one bad stain on the dining room floor. Just for the heck of it, I tried the alcohol. It worked! Now these are floors from the 1950’s. I don’t know what the finish is on them but it may have been that the alcohol acted as a solvent so I was able to remove the layer of whatever the stain was. It is worth a patch test. The other thing I know about alcohol is that it can be used to sterilize (as I repeat above). When a family friend was in the Peace Corp he complained about being unable to use running water and soap to clean or sterilize utensils and his tooth brush. It told him to find the local white lightening dealer and keep a jar of hooch to rinse his glass, eating utensils, and clean cuts to avoid infection. Anything over 15% alcohol content should have some ability to kill microbes. 
Of course, organic alcohol is best. You can now buy organic vodka and tequila as well as the wines and beers that are on the market. Cheers!
Copyright 08/01/09 G. Timmons/Oh, Oh Organic, Inc.

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