What Do You Know about the Ingredients in Your Products?

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Castor Oil – I think it is beautiful!


We only sell organic and sustainable ingredients. It seems pretty dumb to do anything else (hello Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and the gang) – agriculture adds about 50% of all un-sequestered carbon to the atmosphere. Organic agriculture addresses that problem.

This means that over the past 20 years I’ve developed a group of people who call me to find ingredients. My job tends to split between two major types of inquiries:

1 – Chemists who have no idea or concern about where an ingredient comes from but “a customer wants xyz”, and

2 – Brand Owners who are serious about their brand and work with me because they know I care and that I will not sell them something just to sell it – we are not a web site. We are people who work with ingredient producers for finished product producers.

So I’m just going to throw out a few examples of requests I’ve recently received for you all to think about over this hot, holiday weekend.

#1 – Recently a chemist with a private label lab wanted to purchase organic bergamot oil from fruit – not from the peel. I know most of the legitimate EO suppliers and I couldn’t find any that had this EO. This implies a couple of things: a) the brand developer bought something from a web site and did not ask for a certificate or b) they assumed that they could get an organic version commercially but they originally used a non-organic version or c) they found a good product but it is so rare that no one who supplies commercial product carries it because – it is NOT consistently & sustainably available.


#2 – A Customer told me they had purchased oil from a web site. The site operator would not supply his organic certificate because “he did not want anyone to know who his supplier was” – this means he was not certified to re-package and re-label (handle) organic products. It lost its organic claim when he changed the package and label. If you bought it and used an organic claim on your product you would be in violation of Federal Law.


#3 – A large and reputable company offered to sell me some organic sunflower oil – I always look at production dates. It was a year old. I refused to buy it because it was expired – they probably could have re-tested the product and extended the life for 6 months, which can work with food. People use food far faster than they use up cosmetics. Oh, Oh won’t do that.


Ingredient quality is always on my mind. We throw product out when we don’t have enough shelf life, we test our oils for freshness and to double-check our suppliers and we care. I hope you care too.


Happy Labor Day! Stay cool, stay safe, get your of your car.

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