Definitions & Links

Definitions & Links

The definitions and links below are just suggestions for more research. If you need help – please call us and we’ll try to help. This organic/natural/clean/green space can be confusing but after 30 years – we have a few answers.

USDA-NOP – The US. Dept. of Agriculture – because all organic products start on farms. NOP = the National Organic Program. This links to the rules.

FDA-Cosmetics –  Food and Drug Administration – this agency has regulatory authority over cosmetics, food and drugs.

NSF-305 – This is a US “Contains Organic” Standard published by NSF (a non- profit that charges for the use of their standard – go figure). This link goes to the Oregon Tilth description of the program (FAQs).

COSMOS – the Organic and Natural Cosmetic Standard.

Links to Resources

Oregon Tilth – Our certifier  (they are the best!).

BTSA makes AMAAAAZING natural Non-GMO tocopherols to help keep your oils fresh. We have here all the time!

Carrubba – The best natural aroma system company around! Call about their wonderful aromas and (my fav) their DeoPlex Deodorizer (mild on sensitive arm pits!)

California Safe Cosmetics Act – this link is to a database that will show you all of the cosmetics reported in Calif. that contain Prop 65 listed ingredients.

Protect Our Breasts – Gay Timmons serves as science advisor to review cosmetic products approved by Protect Our Breasts. POB is a Chapter based organization dedicated to sharing knowledge about healthier reproductive choices.